Can Steve Spagnuolo help the New Orleans Saints get to the Super Bowl?

By Alejandro Aviles

Everyone knows that the New Orleans Saints are a high octane offensive team. The Saints can and do put up points in a hurry and usually win their games by outscoring their opponents. If there were any criticism about the Saints this past season it was that their defense was not quite good enough to advance further in the playoffs. Granted, many turnovers cost the team in the divisional round against the San Francisco 49ers, but what it ultimately came down to was their defensive execution. Vernon Davis was having a huge game for the 49ers and the Saints decided to stick to single coverage, the result, Davis caught an amazing catch in the end zone that sealed the game for the 49ers. Many critics felt that the Saints should have played zone coverage against the 49ers since their secondary was getting burned by Davis. Nevertheless, the game was probably the most exciting one of the playoffs and the Saints almost had it but the team they lost to had great defense. The Saints have proven this season that it takes more than a great offense to win games and if they can improve their defense they will be a very complete team.

Former defensive coordinator, Greg Williams, left the Saints after 3 years with the team and joined the Saint Louis Rams’ coaching staff. Saints head coach Sean Payton wasted no time finding a replacement and hired Steve Spagnuolo. Spagnuolo was fired by the Rams this past season after accumulating only a 2-14 record; Spagnuolo spent the last 3 seasons with the Rams. However, there is a lot to be excited about with Spagnuolo despite his former team’s losing season. Spagnuolo is well-known for being the craftsmen of the New York Giants’ defense that defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII in 2007. The Patriots were undefeated up until the Super Bowl as they had a very high scoring offense. Spagnuolo’s defensive plan shut them down as the Patriots only managed to score 14 points in the loss.

So, to answer the question I do think that Spagnuolo can get the Saints to the Super Bowl. You definitely have to consider that Spagnuolo was a key factor to the Giants’ Super Bowl win and Saints’ fans should be very excited for the type of experience he brings. Furthermore, Spagnuolo already has some nice pieces to work with in Jonathan Vilma, Jabari Greer, Roman Harper, and Tracy Porter to name a few. I think if Spagnuolo can get the Saints’ defense to play on an elite level and once that is combined with their superior offense the Saints would have a great chance of winning the Super Bowl next season.

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