Giants Punter Steve Weatherford Rips Jets Coach Mike Westhoff

By garymarchese

Steve Weatherford has enjoyed a good year with the New York Giants.  He was with the New York Jets previously though and is appearing in his first Super Bowl.  Weatherford ripped into Jets special teams coach Mike Westhoff on Thursday.  He did have some remarks on media day on Tuesday but really ripped him on Thursday.  It seems that right now ripping at the Jets is the thing to do.  Weatherford I guess figures he has a right now that he is in the Super Bowl and the Jets are licking their wounds.

Weatherford wasn’t resigned by the Jets even though he tied an NFL record for most punts inside the 20 yard line.  “That wasn’t good enough for Mike Westhoff” a sarcastic Weatherford told at the Giants media session.  “I’m playing for a guy now(Tom Quinn) that’s got a Super Bowl ring, so that’s not a guy I care to talk about.  He does a lot of complaining, but recently he hasn’t produced much.”  Weatherford was talking about comments that Westhoff had made during the preseason and early in the season.  Westhoff had said after he signed with the Giants that he was very disappointed in certain aspects of the punters game and he wasn’t good enough.

Weatherford thinks he knows why Westhoff was popping off about him.  “He saw the punter struggles they were having with the guys they were having compete for the job,” he said “and they started hammering him.”  “It’s a waste of my breath.  Who wants to hear that?  He lets Ben Graham go, and Graham is a pro bowl alternate the next season.  If I’m the GM, I’m thinking , What’s the common denominator?”

An interesting stat is that former Jets punters have played in three of the last four Super Bowls.  Weatherford this season, Jeremy Kapinos(Steelers, 2010) and Graham(Arizona Cardinals, 2009).  I think this is a story because it is against the Jets but in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t mean that much.  Weatherford needs to just focus on the Super Bowl and winning it and then he can rip whoever he wants.  Weatherford has had a fantastic season with the Giants and they are happy to have him.

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