Buffalo Bills Coming to Prime-time

By Jeff Sattora

The Buffalo Bills will be a prime-time team next season, whether their record determines it or not.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced at his annual State of the NFL address this week that every NFL team will be on prime-time next season at least one time.

Along with the traditional Sunday and Monday night games, many of these team’s games will be on the NFL network with Thursday night prime-time from week two to week 15.  This is an expansion from this past season when the Thursday night games only ran from week 10 to week 16.

NBC will also continue to broadcast the Thursday night season opener, and also gain a Thanksgiving night game in 2012.

This looks like a huge positive for the league and their fans.  While this will have an affect on the length of time teams have off between some games overall it seems like a plus.  For fans of a team like the Bills, who aren’t on national television very often, this will be a great chance to watch their team play.

As an NFL fan I see no downside to this new plan, and hope to see even more prime-time games in the future.

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