St. Louis Rams Are Looking To Gregg Williams For Defensive Makeover

By Anthony Blake

The St. Louis Rams have been hotbed for news over the past few weeks and it seems as if that flurry of activity may finally be ready to wind down. According to their Head Coach Jeff Fisher: “We’ve been very, very busy in the last two weeks trying to put together the best possible (coaching) staff we can. We’re getting closer. We still have a number of vacancies. And as has been reported, Kevin (Demoff) and I have been interviewing general manager prospects. That process is going very well. I’m very excited about some of the guys we’ve talked to at this point.”

There has been no shortage of big names landed by the Rams throughout this process of assembling a new staff and management team. One of the biggest is new defensive coordinator Gregg Williams who came over from the New Orleans Saints to rejoin Fisher in the same capacity as their time spent from 1997-2000 with the Tennessee Titans. During that time, the Titans defense saw a marked improvement in turnovers forced, sacks, and points allowed which are all three areas where the Rams could use significant help.

Many believe that Williams’ schemes are high-risk however leaving the secondary vulnerable to big plays should the blitzes he sends not get home in time. Fisher was quick to dismiss this misconception according to ESPN as he said: “Gregg has a reputation of hitting the quarterback, but it’s not at all costs. There is a method to the madness and it’s a very sound scheme.”

Certainly the belief is there that Williams can duplicate that success with this Rams unit which has been less than stellar of late ranking in the league’s bottom third in points allowed and yards against which are two very telling statistical categories. Fisher’s expectations are clear however as he said: “The flexibility on defense is extraordinary. We are going to build this defense around the players we have, and as we get better, we’ll continue to reshape it.”

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