Brett Keisel to Shave Beard for Cancer

By Brandon Bonsell

Brett Keisel will be less noticeable this time next week. He plans to shave his beard next Thursday for a charity event. Keisel is hosting the event “Shear the Beard” to benefit cancer programs at a local Pittsburgh hospital.

The event will be held at the Diesel Club Lounge in Pittsburgh. All benefits will go to cancer programs at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh at UPMC. Keisel is very found of this hospital after ex-teammate Aaron Smith’s son underwent treatment there for leukemia.

Keisel’s beard became famous prior to the 2010 season, when he decided to grow it out during the summer. His beard began to pick up speed when the Steelers made a deep run in the playoffs that season. It was referred to as “the playoff beard” and it took over media day of Super Bowl XLV.

This is not the first time that he has decided to lose his lumberjack look for charity. Last February he shaved it off to benefit yet another children’s hospital. He grew it out until this past June, when he saved it for his father’s birthday. Keisel and his dad decided to grow a beard together. His dad will also being shearing his beard this Thursday.

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