Former Intern Mike Smith Returns to New York Jets as Outside Linebackers Coach After All

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It appears that former New York Jets coaching intern Mike Smith will be returning to the team after all.

The 30-year-old Smith played briefly for Rex Ryan back in their Baltimore Ravens days and was interning with the Jets in 2011, and he was credited with helping the development of young pass rusher Aaron Maybin.

Towards the end of the season, Smith accepted a job at Washington State University and their new head coach Mike Leach, who coached Smith when he was in college at Texas Tech.

However, Smith changed his mind and decided to return to the Jets after he was offered a permanent job on the coaching staff as outside linebackers coach.

After indicating he was planning on taking the job however, Smith changed his mind once more, leaving the Jets to accept a job on the coaching staff at West Virginia University, or so we thought.

Now, the merry-go-round has stopped spinning, and Smith has instead decided once again to accept the Jets’ outside linebackers coach job. For now, at least.

His star pupil, the 23-year-old Maybin, is a restricted free agent this season, as is fellow outside linebacker Jamaal Westerman. Perhaps Smith’s presence increases the likelihood that one or both of them will be back next year.

At any rate, the Jets seem to be pleased that Mike Smith has decided to stick around. Barring another job offer it appears he’s here to stay.


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