Super Bowl 46-New York Giants vs. New England Patriots

By garymarchese

I live on the East Coast and it is after midnight so it is officially Super Bowl Sunday.  The long wait is over and finally at 6:30PM tonight the game between the NFC Champion New York Giants and the AFC Champion New England Patriots will begin.  I still think this will be an offensive game.  I like the Giants offense going against the Patriots defense and although I think the Patriots will score some points I do think the Giants defense can stop them at least a little.  I am predicting that the New York Giants will be your Super Bowl Champions.  I know you want a score but I will get to that later.  Here are some thoughts on the game and then I will end with the prediction of the final score.

I think the Giants have too many weapons at wide receiver.  I would think it would be nice if they could at least show run a little to keep them honest.  I do think they really won’t do that though and will be looking to pass the ball for the most part.  The Giants have three wide receivers that are very dangerous in Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz and Mario Manningham.  They could also get Ahmad Bradshaw involved in the passing game and tight end Jake Ballard.  He hasn’t really done much in the postseason but remains a threat.  I think the New England secondary will have trouble covering everyone and the Giants will have some big plays available to them.

It would be hard to bet against Bill Belichek and Tom Brady.  I just don’t think the Patriots were that good this year though.  I know they won ten in a row but they beat Denver in the playoffs and then lucked out against the Ravens in the AFC championship game.  They should of lost that game.  I feel that the Giants are a better team.  The better team doesn’t always win but I believe in this case they will.  The key to the game will be the Giants not turning the ball over and their vaunted pass rush.  If the Giants get to Brady it won’t be a pretty sight as he will get frustrated and it could lead to turnovers.

I do think the Giants secondary is weak but that can be covered up with a strong pass rush.  I don’t think their secondary is as bad as the New England one though.  I think that both teams will be looking to pass the ball mainly and it could be an up and down affair.  I am going to predict the Giants to win the game by the score of 34-28.  I hope you all enjoy Super Bowl Sunday and let me know your opinions on the game.  If you are on twitter I can be followed @gmarchesej.  Please comment on here if you would like too on this article

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