Eli Is Elite And Coach Coughlin Is Safe

By garymarchese

It is amazing how much criticism Eli Manning has gotten over his career, especially in the earlier part of it.  Tom Coughlin has to be the most fired coach without actually getting fired.  These two will be linked forever and may be immortals together as they have now won two Super Bowls.  Manning in the preseason said he was an elite quarterback and pretty much everyone kind of chuckled and said your good but not that good.  It looks like Manning is getting the last laugh as he won his second super bowl and second super bowl MVP last night in Indianapolis.  Coach Coughlin can now leave when he wants to leave, he is coming back according to him.  There were some rumors about him retiring but that doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon.  Coughlin twice has had these magical seasons and in the last four years.  He also twice has defeated Bill Belichek and the Patriots in the Big Game.  Belichick is considered by many to be the best coach out there, Coughlin can say he beat him twice in the Super Bowl.

The two men will be forever linked and it looks like now they will have the critics off their back.  Manning is now being called a possible hall of fame quarterback.  I don’t like the reverse of all the negativity either which is to overreact.  I say let his career play out and then you can debate whether or not he is hall of fame worthy, he seems to be on the right track though.  Coughlin should never be on the hot seat again, at least not anytime soon and by then he should be retired.

It looks like it was the injuries all along as the defense really came together in the final six or seven weeks including the postseason.  Chase Blackburn appears to be a huge pickup but it is like night and day how the defense was so bad and then looked so good.  The defense in the middle of the season couldn’t stop anyone and by the end they were a championship defense.  Tom Coughlin kept the team focused and looking ahead not back.  They were 7-7 and instead of letting them get down he told them what was in front of them and what they could still accomplish.  He proved that his message is getting through as they went all in and came back home with the Lombardi Trophy.  Manning and Coughlin will be forever linked and also forever called champions.

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