Indianapolis Owner Jim Irsay to Meet with Peyton Manning This Week. It's a Start!

By Christopher B. Batchelder

After months of turmoil for the Indianapolis Colts and the unsure status of the franchise quarterback, the decision regarding Peyton Manning may come to an end very soon. In fact it may end this week.

A statement was released by the Indianapolis Star saying Manning and Irsay spoke over the phone and look forward to meeting up sometime this week. Manning said,“We talked about getting together and I think it will be this week. He just said, ‘I look forward to sitting down with you soon.’ I told him the same thing. He went on to say: “One thing he and I are not going to do is give a set date, where it’s like a game. We’ll handle it the way it should be handled and go from there.’’ 

So after all the drama that could have happened between these two well respected guys, they are handeling this very proffesional. You have to respect that level of professionalism and not letting this get out of hand. It will be a sad day not just in Indianapolis, but also the football world if Manning is released, no matter where he goes.

Some have thought for months that he would be released because of his neck injury while many have wondered if he will ever get back to the playing level where he once was.

With the first part of that decision starting this week, the answer to every Colt fans question may have a clearer answer.

One thing I would say to Jim Irsay is that you can’t have too many quarterbacks on your roster. Just look at what happens when you don’t have any good quarterbacks on your team. You end up 2-14 with the number one pick.


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