Lessons for the Chicago Bears from Super Bowl XLVI


I really hope the Chicago Bears organization watched the Super Bowl closely. The bar is now set for what this organization needs to do in order to win a Lombardi Trophy. There’s a talent gap on the Bears in essential positions. For those of us that watch this team week in and week out, yesterday’s game should have been the slap-in-the-face about the areas where the Chicago Bears need to improve.

The Giants have three wide receivers that would be the number one target on the Bears. How would you like to see that Giant’s passrush in Chicago? How about the depth all over the roster? Think this came from being lucky? Wouldn’t it be nice for the Bears to have one of the individuals responsible for the Giants’ success?

Marc Ross was an essential cog in the Giants evaluation of talent as the Director of College Scouting. Of course, the Bears decided he wasn’t good enough to be the team’s GM instead hiring some old fossil that has more jobs than Kim Kardashian has boyfriends. The Kansas City Chiefs really set the standard for player evaluation and development, right? Phil Emery goes down as one of the worst hires in NFL history. Ross may not be media savy, but he’s an excellent evaluator of talent who’s teams have won two Super Bowls. Emery’s teams haven’t even reached the big game. It’s a freaking disgrace. Emery must work cheap and not make many waves.

During Emery’s press conference, it had a similar sound to the one for Jerry Angelo ten year’s earlier. We heard about hard work, understanding player evaluation and development and that Emery will bring a championship to Chicago. Essentially, the Bears rehired Angelo. Why does it seem I’m the only person that noticed this? I’m floored that more people aren’t as outraged as I am with this move. Ted Phillips and George McCaskey must have the goal to ruin this organization. That’s the only reason why this old bastard is running my football team.

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