Video: New York Giants Fan Freaks Out After Winning $7,500 in Super Bowl Squares Pool

By Dan Parzych

The New York Giants and their fans are on top of the world right now after their team pulled off another upset over the New England Patriots on Sunday to win Super Bowl XLVI. However, it’s safe to say no fan be as excited for his team winning than the Giants fan in the video above–mainly because he also won $7,500 in a Super Bowl Square Pool.

With the Giants winning 21-17, the fan above won his pool for having “1” for the Giants and “7” for the Patriots for the final score of the game. For those of you unfamiliar with the Super Bowl Square Pool, the object of the game is to pick the box that matches up with the end number of the scores for each game–which is why the final score of 21-17 was good enough for the Giants fan to win.

Usually, this is a fun game played at Super Bowl parties, but I can’t even imagine what type of entree fee this guy had to pay if the prize for the final score was $7,500. Thanks to Bro Bible for the tip on the video

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