NFL Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions biggest need on Draft Day

The Detroit Lions biggest need on draft day is to pick quality players that will help them during the 2012 season.  They need help in their secondary and with linebackers to strengthen their defense. Other people say the Lions should be thinking of drafting a running back and replacing Jahvid Bests.

Replacing Jahvid Bests or bringing in another running back to help strengthen the Detroit Lions rushing attack sounds like a great plan, but that’s not going to get them any closer to winning the super bowl. The Giants got to the Super Bowl with the league’s worst rushing attack.  Rushing was not the key component of the super bowl champion Giants and it was not for the The Indianapolis Colts or New Orleans Saints when they won their Super Bowl titles either.

After the Lions focus on drafting corner backs in the first round they can focus on drafting a line backer like James Michael Johnson from Nevada. Improving the Lions linebackers’ crew is essential for the team’s defense improving as a whole. Johnson can tackle well and has the speed to cover a tight end and/or receiver down the field. The Lions are not looking for a Brian Urlacher or a Clay Matthews they are looking for a linebacker who can tackle a running back when it matters most or cause an incompletion to stop or slow an opponent’s drive. This is something the Detroit Lions could not do at all when they needed to.

The Detroit Lions must draft players that can do the things the Lions could not last year.  Having a player like James Michael Johnson would put another player on the field that can help the Lions defensive line put pressure on the quarterback.  Johnson can do his part down the field to make the Lions defense something that opponents have to take more time to game plan around.