Rams Sign CFL Lineman Jovan Olafioye To Contract

By Anthony Blake

While CFL signings to the NFL are not a new thing, they remain a rarity in today’s league where personnel gurus know virtually every player inside and out prior to the yearly drafting festivities. Still some do slip through the cracks and turn out to be steals down the road and the St. Louis Rams are hoping to have found such a player in Jovan Olafioye.

At 6’6” 325lbs., size certainly wasn’t an issue for Olafioye coming out of school, but a lack of top notch competition definitely had something to do with his going undrafted. His collegiate experience took place at North Carolina Central and that tiny blip on the NFL scouting radar left him without a home in the league forcing him to look elsewhere to further his professional football aspirations.

The BC Lions took a chance on this massive human being and they were clearly the beneficiaries of that roll of the dice. Olafioye earned top lineman honors in the league last season which gets the attention of those at the NFL level and has now inked a deal to play with the Rams. His two-year contract is worth more than six-figures in guaranteed money and will add some much needed competition to the Rams’ depleted offensive front.

With the line figuring to be a focal point for the team heading into the draft, this signing provides the club with even more flexibility in trading down or centering more on other positions of need in both the upcoming free agency period and the NFL Draft. Going young is always a positive rather than re-treading adequate players with very little upside potential left. Perhaps the Rams will get lucky and catch lightning in a bottle with Olafioye and have him develop into a solid starter.

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