Super Bowl 46 Versus Super Bowl 42

By Chris Ransom

This piece will compare and contract Super Bowl 46, Sundays game VS the Giants win 4 years ago in Super Bowl 42.

Similarities Between Super Bowl 42 and Super Bowl 46

Like Super Bowl 42, the Giants won Super Bowl 46.  The Giants outscored New England in both games.

Eli Manning showed a lot of heart in both contests.  Eli Manning was Super Bowl MVP in Super Bowl 42 and Super Bowl 46.  The Giants were able to gain the lead with almost no time left in both games thanks to Manning’s heroics.  Manning has been considered an elite quarterback when the Giants won Super Bowl 42.  No one wanted to jump on the Eli Manning is an elite quarterback bandwagon until Sunday’s win.

Differences Between Super Bowl 42 and Super Bowl 46

This game feels like a game New England could have won.  There were multiple opportunities that the Patriots failed to capitalize on.  The first example was intentional grounding play that gave the New York Giants a 2 to 0 lead.

The Patriots had 12 men on the field when the New York Giants fumbled the ball while New England recovered.  That penalty really came back to bite New England.  If it isn’t for that penalty New England goes on to win 17 to 14 which ironically was the final score of Super Bowl 42.

Wes Welker had 11 receptions for 103 receiving yards.  Welker dropped a 2nd and 10 pass that would have cemented the New England Patriots Super Bowl win.  It felt like Bill Buckner’s error in game 7 against the New York Mets.  Welker did not have a receiving touchdown plus the dropped pass on 2nd and 10 has to be taken into account.

There is no question that Wes Welker had a fantastic season.  There is no question that the Patriots got to Indianapolis due to Welker’s contributions in 2011.  Welker deserves a contract extension.

Rob Gronkowski could not catch deep passes due to his ankle injury.  Tom Brady should have realized this.  Brady threw a pick to Chase Blackburn when firing for Gronkowski in the 4th quarter.  Brady also threw a hail mary on the final play.  Gronkowski showed a valiant effort by attempting to make the catch on the final play of the game.

Eli threw the game winning touchdown to Burress in Super Bowl 42.  Ahmad Bradshaw ran the game winning touchdown in Super Bowl 46 to give the New York Giant the win.

Eli Manning threw an interception in Super Bowl 42 and the Giants won 17 to 14.  Tom Brady threw an interception to Chase Blackburn in Super Bowl 46.  The Giants won Super Bowl 46 21 to 17.

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