Michael Vick tops Forbes Most Hated Athletes list

By Kris Hughes

Apparently, America still hasn’t quite forgiven Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick for his past transgressions.

The troubled, but talented signal-caller has again topped Forbes’ list of America’s Most Hated Athletes for 2012.

It’s interesting that Mike Vick has seen a resurgence in positive public opinion among football fans as a whole, but not among casual sports fans who still have him tied mentally to the dog fighting and brutality charges which were brought against him– and for which he served time– in 2009 and 2010.

Vick has made an effort to improve his public image during 2011, working with several animal rights groups and doing his best to lay low and out of the public eye and focus on playing football.

Some believe Mike Vick paid his debt to society for the crimes he committed and therefore should enjoy a clean slate and be given a second chance. Others believe that his acts were heinous and cruel enough that no one should ever forget– much less forgive– what he did.

It’s a tough call, and one that the American public as a whole still seems to be struggling with.

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