NFL Hall of Fame Snub of Cris Carter is Ridiculous

By Andrew Fisher

This certainly wasn’t the piece I thought I’d be writing about Cris Carter in February. Last month I wrote that I didn’t think there was anyway they’d hold him out this year, and I was dead wrong. Carter along with Tim Brown and Bill Parcells, took the cake for biggest Hall of Fame snubs in 2012.

At this point, I just don’t see why CC is being denied. It almost seems as if the voters just don’t like him, and are going making him wait. There’s no way that Carter doesn’t get in at some point, but he’s got to be very upset, after it finally seemed like this was his year.

Former Viking teammate Chris Doleman got his nod this year, and you have to wonder if the voters didn’t want to induct two Vikings in the same year? I don’t know if that’s something looked at or not, but voters are goofy, and they will hold out players for any reason. Some are speculating that Parcells was held out due to his ‘not so good’ relationship with the media, because they do ultimately have the final say on who gets to Canton.

Curtis Martin was this year’s ‘headliner’ and while he was a very good player, I just never saw him as being in the same league as Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders. I suppose you can make an argument that Martin is a top 5 back all-time, but you can definitely can make an argument against it. With Cris Carter, I think it’s tougher to argue that he’s not a top 5 receiver. Either way, Martin and Carter are in the same league, and if Martin’s in, why not CC?

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