The Chicago Bears Hire Jeremy Bates to be Quarterback Coach


Jay Cutler was coming into his own last season. Yesterday may very well be the final piece to the development of Cutler. The Bears hired his former quarterback coach from the Denver Broncos Jeremy Bates yesterday. Bates was Cutler’s coach during his Pro Bowl season of 2009. Bates shunned the Bears two years earlier when the team was looking for an offensive coordinator. Bates instead took the same role with the Seattle Seahawks and Pete Carroll. He was fired at the end of the season.

As angry as I was about the hiring of Phil Emery as the team’s GM, Bates is an excellent hire. Cutler hasn’t been comfortable with any of his coaches, and Bates marks the first real move the organization has made for its franchise quarterback. With Mike Tice as the offensive coordinator, the Bears have two good football minds running the offense. While Mike Martz gets a lot of criticism, he had the Bears offense playing quite well before Cutler’s injury. Unfortunately, his offense exposed Cutler way too often and required receivers that weren’t able to master some of his complex routes.

The Bears are still searching for an offensive line coach and a few linemen, receivers, tight ends, safeties and a backup quarterback.

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