The New York Giants offseason needs

By garymarchese

The Super Bowl just ended and Eli Manning went to Disney World.  The Giants are probably finally getting some rest as it has been a whirlwind since they won the Super Bowl on Sunday night.  The off season just started but I can still look at what they need, what they are likely to do and who they should let go or look at.

The Giants to have some key guys such as Osi Umenyiora and Brandon Jacobs as free agents.  I don’t think Jacobs will be back, I think that ship has sailed and it is time to move on from each other.  Jacobs after the game on Sunday was very friendly and stated he wanted to be back and retire a Giant.  I don’t see it happening especially since this year his production went way down.  I think he is getting to the wrong side of his career and he isn’t the same player he once was.  Osi it will be interesting to see what happens.  The ideal situation would be to keep him but after this past season and he sitting out I don’t see the two sides being very amicable.  A championship could change a lot though so we will have to wait and see.  Mario Manningham is another free agent.  I think the Giants better work out something with him.  The Giants have a very young and explosive receiving group that can be very good for years to come.

What are some areas you think they can improve on??  The offensive line possibly, definitely their ability to run the ball.  The Giants running game did pick it up towards the end of the season but was bad for most of the season.  Ahmad Bradshaw will be back as the featured runner but they will have to go out and find another running back as Jacobs is going to want his money and the Giants wont give him what he wants.  I don’t think the Giants have much to do, their coaching order is set, they have a lot of good young players especially with the quarterback, receivers and defensive line.  They could improve in the secondary but Terrel Thomas should come back strong next season.

The Giants are a good team and should be taken seriously.  I don’t think this is a one year fluke, they have won it twice in four years both against the Patriots.  I would think they could repeat although in football that is brutal to do.  It is an accomplishment to just make the playoffs coming off a super bowl title.  There won’t be anything going on with the New York Giants for a while but they will be ready to go over the summer for training camp and then into the season as they will defend their title.

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