Washington Redskins are Doing Fine in Loudoun County, says Chamber CEO

By Ricky Allen

When it comes to the Washington Redskins and any plans of moving the team, well, the only ones who can answer that question are those “in the know”.

I was curious to find out what the buzz was in the area after reading a  WVEC article. In the article, Redskins Owner Dan Snyder was quoted from a Washington Post interview saying that  he was “open to moving the franchise’s facilities”.

But this was last year. Either way, it started a  rumor.

Even Gov. McConnell gave his two cents, stating in the same article that he thinks Virginia could meet some of the Redskins needs.

Is there a savior quarterback in the Commonwealth that I don’t know about?

(I’m sorry, that was wrong. Anyway…)

Is there going to be a change in location? It’s a conversation former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry would love to be a part of (Yeah I took a shot. Come get me Washington D.C., but you know I’m right).  However, wouldn’t the people who deal with them the most get a hint at what’s going on? I would think so.

In a recent interview via phone, Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce’s President and CEO Tony Howard said things are going great with the Redskins. He also said there’s no sign that’s going to change.

“They are great neighbors. We have a great relationship, and they’re great corporate citizens,” he  said. “They are an important member of our business community.”

I  have to agree. Not everyone can say they have an NFL football team in their jurisdiction.

The citizens and officials of Loudoun County know that. Besides being tax payers in the area, there are the personal relationships the players have invested with the communities. An example is  Redskins Tight End Chris Cooley, who opened a business in downtown Leesburg, Va.

So when  it comes to hearing rumors about the Washington Redskins moving- From Howard’s vantage point, the answer was a solid “No”. He hasn’t heard any rumors or seen anything that would indicate the Redskins are preparing to jump ship.

However, he does respect the fact that business is business should it happen. “The Redskins franchise has to do what is right for their shareholders,” he said. “I wouldn’t expect anything less. I just hope they’re seeing the increased level of support.”

Most of the comments he  understands, because he knows there are many communities that are a little jealous they have a professional football team.

Who wouldn’t be? Between the increased tourism, economic development of small businesses in the community, and fresh faces to see what Loudoun County has to offer prospective residents, it’s a gold mine for any city.  Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Super Bowl champ (while it would be nice) or 5-11. Both parties are reinvesting time and money into each other.

That’s the important part.

Loudoun County understands and respects that, from their Chamber to their Board of Supervisors.  Howard pointed out that while there was  disdain with some members of the previous board of supervisors, things have changed. The new board, while only being in office for a month thus far, have really embraced the Redskins presence.

Burgundy and Gold in politics, just as it should be.

Besides, why would anyone build a new facility in a place they were planning to leave?

Here’s some footage of the new practice bubble at Redskins Park, courtesy of Redskins.com TV. This was before it was completely inflated. It’s pretty cool.

When they’re completing projects like this, I have to say the rumors of the Redskins considering relocation are just that…rumors.

“The Redskins are going to be back,” Howard said, “And when they’re back to being a Super Bowl contender Loudoun County is then on the world stage. There is prestige and brand development that comes from that.”

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