2012 Mock Draft: 4th Overall, Matt Kalil to the Browns

By Stephanie Umek

Though I could also see Matt Kalil, the Offensive tackle ended at the number three spot with the Vikings, considering their young talent behind the line of scrimmage, I don’t think he’d do too badly in Cleveland to be honest with you.

Everyone wants to see the Browns get a new quarterback; many are saying Robert Griffin III would fit perfectly here. However I think if you add a little protection to young talent the Browns will work out just fine.

Kalil is a strong left tackle, and when I say left tackle I mean it. Not like one of those tackles you sign, that plays on the left side through college and then gets moved to the right side when he gets to the NFL.

The guy is huge and he is very strong on his feet.  The Browns offense average about 4.5 yards per play last year. If they had a little more time then Colt McCoy can stay in the pocket or even venture out a bit. It comes down to coverage. And with a blindside protection like Kalil, the Browns would be good to go.

Cleveland is spoiled in this years’ draft. Not only do they get fourth overall, they get pick number 22 as part of the Julio Jones draft-day trade from the Falcons.

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