Antonio Brown Spends Super Bowl Weekend With Twitter Fan

By Riley Schmitt

Twitter has become the best way for fans to connect with athletes.   In the case of Pittsburgh Steelers fan Seth Paladin, he has Twitter to thank for one amazing Super Bowl weekend.

CNBC has all of the details, but in short, Paladin spent most of Super Bowl weekend with Steelers Pro Bowler Antonio Brown.  Brown sent out a tweet, asking for details about what was happening in Indy.  Paladin responded by asking Brown to go to lunch with him.  From there, the friendship escalated to dinner, workouts, a Indiana Pacers game, and Brown picking up the tab at a birthday party.

This is an incredible story.  Fans now have a way to interact personally with athletes.  It was also a wonderful gesture by Brown, who really wanted to get closer to his fans.  He gave Paladin a weekend that he’ll never forget and I’m sure there’s a lot more Steelers fans in Indy right now.

I wonder what athlete will be the next one to use Twitter like Brown did.  Fans of every team would love to be able to spend a weekend with their favorite athletes.  Maybe Brown started a trend that will fulfill the dreams of sports fans everywhere.

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