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Reports: Peyton Manning practicing with Duke University football

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning has been the focus of the football media’s attention over the past few weeks. His contentious relationship with team owner Jim Irsay, as well as his questionable health, have many wondering just how his short-term future will play out.

According to reports, Peyton is working to get back into playing shape by working out with the Duke University football team in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.  The story was broken late yesterday afternoon by Duke lineman Matt Skura who tweeted:

Got to stretch next to Peyton Manning today and say hello.

Former Tennessee Volunteers offensive coordinator David Cutcliffe was Manning’s coach during his time in Knoxville, so it makes sense that the Colts’ QB would visit the Duke campus to begin his rehabilitation process.

Reports have suggested that Manning has a “loose arm” and is still not anywhere close to recovered from off-season neck surgery. With this type of injury, rehab is a slow and steady process– one that is best worked through in low-key environments.

The next move lies in the hands of Jim Irsay, and the move he makes will determine whether Peyton Manning will finish his career in a Colts jersey or become one of the highest-profile free agents in NFL history, triggering a bidding war that could reach epic proportions.

For now, Peyton is content to work out in Raleigh with the Blue Devils and grind his way back toward being healthy.