Ahmad Bradshaw takes shot at Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo

By Kris Hughes

New York Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw is known for being outspoken and not pulling  punches when there is a statement to be made.

After scoring the game-winning touchdown for the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI, it’s arguable Bradshaw has a little room to do some smack-talking, and he has done just that in a recent NFL Network interview.

Bradshaw told the NFL network that he doesn’t believe the Dallas Cowboys will ever win a Super Bowl with Tony Romo at quarterback and Cowboys fans don’t think so either:

You know what, man, I don’t see it happening. I don’t think they believe it, and they’re America’s team. It all comes in together. If the fans don’t believe it, the team doesn’t. They’re kinda doubtful with Romo.

There might be something to these comments.

After all, the Giants and Cowboys battle twice a year as divisional opponents, and Bradshaw has a first-class view on the field to see how the Cowboys players react to Tony Romo, and the confidence or lack of confidence they have in the signal-caller.

If you listen to Dallas sports talk radio often enough, you can hear the frustration in the voices of Cowboys fans who believe the status quo just isn’t working, and unless substantial changes are made in the near future, things will continue to stay the same: mediocre at best.

Will Dallas need to part ways with Tony Romo to get over the hump, win some playoff games, and be a serious contender for the NFC Championship and a Super Bowl bid?

Perhaps Ahmad Bradshaw is a fortune teller.

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