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What the Detroit Lions can Learn from the Super Bowl

How many Detroit Lions fans would shutter if they were playing in the Super Bowl against Eli Manning and The New York Giants. How would they feel if they were watching Manning lead the Giants to the winning touchdown against their team?   The Detroit Lions pass defense as it is they would have been eaten alive by Manning and his receiving crew.

Don’t get me wrong, the Giants offense is great, the Patriots corners and safeties could not slow them down. Giant’s receiver Mario Manningham on the final drive alone had three catches for 56 yards. One of those catches is being considered one of the best in Super Bowl history, and Manningham was not even Eli Manning’s 1st or 2nd receiving option. This is why the Lions need to think about their defense first. The Patriots loss was not due to their lack of offense but from not being able to stop the drive.

What the Lions need to do is learn from this Super Bowl and think about the tough decisions going into this free agency and the 2012 draft. Most of their money is tied up in high draft picks that have worked out well so they won’t have much to work with. They also have key free agents that they want to resign to keep their playoff nucleus together.

After seeing what the New York Giants were able to do to the Patriots secondary, the Detroit Lions need to use their 23rd pick in the NFL Draft  to get either corner back Morris Claiborne from LSU or North Alabama’s Janoris Jenkins. Morris Claiborne help lead the terrific defense of LSU that went undefeated into the BCS Championship game.  Janoris Jenkins may not be as known like Claiborne but he had a terrific season with North Alabama. Both of these corner backs are highly touted. They will not be pushed around. They will get in a wide receivers face. This is something the Lions current secondary needs to do but could not against teams that pass the ball at will against them.

These two corner backs with their size and speed could change the landscape of the playing field if they can disrupt the quarterbacks passing game. This would give Ndamukong Suh and the Lions strong defensive line some more time to get pressure on the quarterback, and either sack him or force him into making a costly mistake

Drafting Morris Claiborne or Janoris Jenkins will not solve all the problems the Lions have on defense. But if you watched the super bowl having a secondary that can force a quarterback like Tom Brady to hold the ball longer and force him out of his rhythm. This gives a team that much better of a chance of making a player like Tom Brady play in to their hands so they can win the game.