NFL 2012 Draft: Kirk Cousins Should be on Washington Redskins' list

By Ricky Allen

Michigan State’s Kirk Cousins may not be on your list of quarterback choices for the Washington Redskins, but he should.

If he is, he’s probably like No. 3 or 4 next to Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. I think Kirk Cousins should be observed a little closer.

At the Senior Bowl this year he threw for 115 yards and a touchdown Saturday in helping the North to a 23-13 Senior Bowl win in Mobile, Ala. While everyone had Braden Weeden pinged as the one to watch, he didn’t make an impression like Cousins did.

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Kirk Cousins would be a good fit for the Washington Redskins for several reasons, beginning with that strong arm he’s got. His release from the pocket is what I like to call “certain”.  It’s not a guessing game. Another thing I like about this guy is that he’s not throwing into coverage. He makes the decisions that need to be made on the ball and if it’s not there, it’s just not there.

He works the outside like a surgeon, but is not afraid of using the whole field. I’ve noticed he’s a short passer in the middle, but has no problems on the wide outs. Some negatives would include that his strong arm does get the best of him at times, clearly overthrowing when it does happen. I’m not comfortable with the way he backs up under pressure. I’d rather see him scramble forward or to the sides than backwards. Something else to notice is his knowledge of the first down marker, an area that could help the Redskins in ball control and time management. He could be a big contributor to the first and third down conversions as well:

  • In 2011, the Redskins rushed for 79 first downs, passed for 204.
  • In 2010, the Redskins rushed for 72 first downs  passed for 194.

While third down conversions in 2010(61) increased by 20 more in 2011.

Kirk Cousins’ completions, attempts, touchdowns, and yards  increased every year from 2008. He averaged about 8 yards a pass, averages about 9-10 interceptions a year for three years.

The Redskins could use a guy like Cousins.Give the guy a good Offensive line that can hold for three seconds, and those interception numbers will go down. This isn’t like Rex Grossman or even Jason Campbell (for all of you that would argue the same case in their defense) : The guy knows what he’s doing. The only thing I’ll give you is the fact he’ll be fresh to the NFL, just like Cam Newton.

The all-time leading passer for Michigan St. is also getting ready for the Combine with a little help.  According to reports, Cousins is getting some help from former Carolina Panther/49er Chris Weinke.   At the Combine this year, he will be the one to watch, especially with everyone remembering his Senior Bowl performance.

I found this youtube video of his 2010 performance that gives you a glimpse of what this guy can do.

Kirk Cousins NFL Draft Analysis-2010 Season

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