Protecting Matthew Stafford with the 23rd pick of the NFL Draft

By Greg Bolotin

The Lions should consider using the 23rd pick of the 2012 draft as a way to protect Matthew Stafford for years to come.  Stafford had a great season in 2011 and he is looking to improve on that in upcoming years. The Detroit Lions cannot forget Stafford’s first two seasons were marred by injuries from an ineffective front line and he missed significant time in both seasons.

The Detroit Lions do not have a horrible offensive line.  Without the line they had Stafford and the rest of the Detroit Lions offense would not have been able to put up the great numbers they did.  There is room for improvement that could help the Lions be even better on offense.

Drafting Mike Adams an offensive tackle from Ohio State would be a start to improve the Detroit Lions offensive line.  Adams is considered by most NFL scouts and analyst to be solid offensive tackle that can make an impact on a team that needs an offensive tackle. The Lions if they draft Adams may be the offensive tackle that protects Matthew Stafford for many years.

The Lions may have another choice to help their offensive like if Kelechi Osemele is still available for the Lions. When Osemele was moved to the right tackle he was over powering and intimidating and could be the presents on the offensive line to help give Matthew Stafford more time in the pocket. Osemele ability to intimidate and over power the defensive tackles could be just what the Detroit Lions offensive line as a whole needs.

The Lions have an intimidation factor with Ndamukong Suh leading the defensive line of the Lions and with the possibility of adding Kelechi Osemele or Mike Adams on the offensive side of the ball the Detroit Lions will have done their job of improving their offensive line and most important protecting Matthew Stafford for years to come.

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