Miami Dolphins Rumors: The Peyton Manning Saga Continues; Possibly Ends in Miami

One of the biggest stories of the NFL off-season is already the Peyton Manning saga.

With plenty of back and forth battles between Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay and Manning, one has to wonder about the future of the quarterback. Should he stay with Indianapolis, a team that is expected to draft top college prospect quarterback Andrew Luck? Or should Manning move on to another home in the NFL, somewhere he can be the man and the only man?

Regardless of the decision of Manning (which doesn’t have to be made yet), there are plenty of reports surfacing already that discuss potential landing spots for the soon-to-be 36 year old signal-caller. One of those teams is the Miami Dolphins. Should the Dolphins make a play for Manning?

The talent level that Peyton Manning possesses is undeniable as he is a Super Bowl Champion, Super Bowl MVP and four-time NFL MVP. He’s been elected to the Pro Bowl 11 times and has consistently led the Colts to 10-win seasons 11 of 13 times. However, after suffering an injury that kept him out last season and has altered his throwing, the questions on Manning could prevent him from being the same quarterback he has been.

There are contradicting reports coming out from multiple sources that say Peyton is both improving and throwing steadily or that he is completely lacking the arm strength that he once had. The latter reports also state that Manning is having a hard time throwing to his left and getting velocity on his throws past 25 yards.

For a team in need of a quarterback, those are troubling thoughts.

For Miami, it leads one to believe that the evaluation process of Manning will be a very cautious one. The question, however, is whether or not the Dolphins should sign Manning?

The signing of Manning would present both pros and cons for the Dolphins, who are coming off a 6-10 season that resulted in the firing of head coach Tony Sparano. Of course, assuming that Manning is healthy, the signing would be a great way for the Dolphins to push towards the next level and into the playoffs. Manning has proven that he can play the game and lead teams to Super Bowls and win them, there is no denying that.

However, is he healthy?

A risk on Manning when he is not completely healthy could potentially set back the Dolphins as well. Current quarterback Matt Moore played well down the stretch for the Dolphins who started off the season losing seven straight games. Signing Manning effectively shows less confidence in Moore, which could hurt that relationship.

The potential signing of Peyton could also alter the future should the Dolphins and new head coach Joe Philbin decide not to use a draft pick on a quarterback this year. This could prove problematic should Manning get hurt again, or retire within the next few years.

Regardless, it looks as though the Dolphins will be adding a new quarterback at some point going into next season whether it be Manning, Matt Flynn (who worked under Philbin in Green Bay), or a rookie draft pick. At this point, it appears the Dolphins will be at the center of the quarterback whirlwind this off-season.

By Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams is a freelance writer and currently the lead blogger at Sports Reviews. He is a member of the Football Writers Association of America.

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  • JP

    Miami’s best play would be to sign Payton and then use the draft to find a potential replacement 3-4 years down the road. Moore can stay as the backup for the next year or 2, if he wants to stay, and then once PM really retires, hopefully that draft pick has had time to progress enough to take over. The concerns over his health are over-hyped as every person who has had this surgery says the same thing…you come back stronger and better than ever. Miami would never sign him without bringing him in to run drills and take a physical, so why not take a shot? Signing PM would also shine a light on the Phins for other FA’s. If he can throw, sign him, pronto!

    • Brandon Williams

      It is a low risk to have him in for a physical, but I don’t see the power coming back better than ever. It will take a lot of work for him to be the Peyton of old.

  • Phinz

    He should be able to regain most of his arm strength, but from what I understand could still be somewhat limited down the line when it comes to his ability to rotate his neck. Marino managed to come back and play pretty strong after his Achilles tear, I’d like to hope that Peyton should atleast be given the opportunity to see what he could do.

    Fortunately we are a great destination for him, with adequate weapons at WR and HB(he should love Bush…), an offensive line that is lead by one of the top LT in the game and an up and comer stud Center..Our defense has also finished strong the last few years.

    The only downsides for him would be a tough division and the fact we have had a ton of turnover in the coaching department. Just look at the other potential destinations mentioned for him though, and all bias aside I think that we are the best potential spot for him to land. San Fran would be about par with us, but they are more likely to feel better about sticking with their QB than desperate Miami.

    • Brandon Williams

      This, however, should not be a move made out of desperation. I would hope that due diligence is conducted in order to determine where Peyton Manning is and that’s he’s not added for the simple fact that he’d draw fans into the stadium. Reports are coming out now that he could need more surgery. Of course, there a bunch of ‘sources’ reporting so many different things. As long as Miami takes a long, yet cautious, look. I believe they’ll make the best decision for a quarterback.

  • Dolphins

    P Manning, lacking arm strength is not a BIG deal, the dude can read the defenses like no other QB around. He would run the offense pretty darn good with the stiff neck and a weak arm. Seems like I would take him with 1 arm, his sight and knowledge of the reads are a HOT option….I’d sign him…..

    • Brandon Williams

      Without arm strength or the ability to throw left, you’re effectively taking away so much of the field. If the defenses know that, you’re completely exposed and it doesn’t matter how well you read defenses at that point. As a defense, you look at a quarterback who is struggling to throw past 25 yards and can only throw to the right side of the field and over the middle, how easy is that to expose?

  • Mike

    Trade up with St Louis. Peyton’s WAY too risky. At best, he’s short term. At worst, a total waste.

    • Brandon Williams

      Trade up with St. Louis in order to get who? You’re giving up way too much to be in a position to get RG3 who still has major questions of his own regarding his play.

  • Mike

    It goes without saying that giving up too much for Griffin wouldn’t be smart. I’m assuming a reasonable trade up to get him. If not possible, stay put and take Tannehill at 9. Or sign Flynn even.Anyone of those is MUCH less risky than Manning who is, at best one hit away from done. I’d stay with Moore before taking a chance on Peyton. Who’s in a better position to know than The Colts? If they don’t want him, why would the Dolphins?

    • Brandon Williams

      Now that I can agree with. Although, the price to move up to be in a position to take Griffin would be too steep. I’d stick with Moore or give Flynn a shot on a low-risk contract, draft someone late to groom and go after one of the top quarterbacks in a stacked class next year. Aside from that, draft either Coples or Upshaw to rush the passer, an area we do need help at.

  • Carm

    Okay let me weigh in here. I am not a professional athlete, nor will I ever be one. However, I had the exact surgery that PM had, and I had it once (not 4 times as we just found out the number is 4, not 3). The issue is not so much the muscles in the arm. My muscles in my right arm were showing sign of atrophy (shrinking) before surgery. The muscle is not back and recovered. However, the issue is the permanent nerve damage you are left with. That permanent nerve will certainly have an effect on the way he throws. Granted he has access to better doctors and trainers than I have, but I will say this. No matter how great the doctors and trainers are, we are talking about FOUR surgeries. I do not know how good PM will be once he returns, but I guarantee he will NEVER be 100% and there will be some effect. He may be able to get back to play at a high level, but he will not be better than he was before, and he will not be as good/strong as he was before. The risk still may be less than trusting a Matt Flynn (unproven), Matt Moore, or draft pick to run the offense, but DO NOT EXPECT PEYTON TO BE 100%.

  • Carm

    I meant my muscle is NOW back and recovered. Again the issue is nerve damage which effect throwing “strength”.