St. Louis Rams Interested In Randy Moss Or Terrell Owens?

By Anthony Blake

Wide receivers are often characterized as self-centered divas that have the propensity to implode a locker room all by themselves. Two of the most prominent names from the past decade of pass catching sat out the 2011 NFL season, but both Terrell Owens and Randy Moss hope to be given shots at making a farewell tour in 2012.

How the Rams factor into this discussion is because the team is in desperate need of both veteran leadership and elite receivers. While both Moss and Owens lack a bit in the leadership category, the two are arguably top five receivers of all-time and each appears to be in tremendous physical condition.

Physical acumen has never been in question with either one of these guys though so that is to be expected. The aspect that most personnel gurus want to evaluate is their internal drives to succeed and whether they want the personal glory or the pursuit of team triumph this time around.

If Owens or Moss are willing to set their egos aside in favor of the team this time around, the Rams should consider taking a chance on one of the two. Jeff Fisher may not be willing to try the Moss experiment again however after the dynamic wideout mailed it in on the Fisher’s Tennessee Titans in 2010. Everyone around the league has seen how Owens can systematically dismantle locker rooms throughout his tour of the league and with a young, impressionable quarterback like Sam Bradford still in the development stages of his career that might not be the best fit either.

While both players may feel they have something left in the tank, the idea of the Rams bringing in either one is a longshot at best. A team with a strong, veteran-laden locker room primed for success is the best scenario for these two to find their way back into the league. The idea of Bradford throwing go routes to Moss or shallow crosses to Owens might be appealing on paper, but the volatile nature of those personalities makes the gamble far greater than the potential rewards.

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