Titans Sign Defensive Tackle Lamar Divens while Other Free agents still waiting on Future Contracts

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  • james barry stricklin

    i say why did we draft jurrell casey and carl klug i f we are signing a player like divens ,and dives did not cut it in baltimore ,i garee with someone who said divens is a person who played at licoln co high so what ,we need talent , i thought the titans built through the draft , we have a golden oppertunity to get a great ,not good plaer like quinton copels ,or mercilus ,and we sign anothe guy who weighs as much as a house . i hope divens called for jenny craig , the reason he did not cut it baltimore is he outweighed everybody ,and,they drafted mount cody ,tell me divens will slim down to 310 and play like sue.

    • Stephanie Umek

      Kind of the point of that post. I think it is a waste of time and exactly like you said, not worth the gamble. Thanks for the feedback. Who knows maybe he can shed 30 pounds or so, but you really want a guy with an attitude like Suh playing for the Titans?

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  • Ronnie Glenn

    Divens was a backup to Haloti Ngata (best DT in the game) for 3 yrs. I don’t think you can be on one of the NFL’s top defenses backing up one of the best players that long without talent. Baltimore kept him around for a reason. If you look at Baltimore’s D-Line they all are from 310-350, which probably means these guys are not only big but can move in order to keep this defense ranked at the top yr in and yr out. I saw where he played DE in 2010 which means he’s probably agile. Divens will play a nose tackle for us this yr and I think will be solid. Shaun Smith that we got last yr is every bit of 350. So I think Divens will fit in well at nose tackle. He’s still young and because he backed up the best probably has learned a lot and knows what it takes to be a dominant defense. Good luck to you Divens! Wish you the best. I’ll be rooting for you.