D.C. Mayor Making Moves for Washington Redskins Training Facility

By Ricky Allen

According to D.C. Commissioner  Brian Flahaven, there’s a community meeting in the works to discuss possible placement of a Washington Redskins’ training facility.

On his blog he states the following:

“I announced that Mayor Gray has agreed to participate in a community meeting on Reservation 13 and that I would work with colleagues in ANCs 7A, 7D, 6A and our commission to schedule the meeting. Mayor Gray continues to negotiate with Dan Snyder and the Washington Redskins to put a training facility on the site. I voiced concern that a deal to build such a facility could threaten the community-supported master plan for Res. 13.”

-Commissioner Brian Flahaven

Representing ANC 6B09

What makes this interesting is  that Mayor Gray recently spoke about  the Redskins and their quarterback options, but mentions nothing about wanting them back in D.C.

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This could be because of a news report released by greatergreaterwashington.org which implies the area, known as Reservation 13, was supposed to be for another project.

David Alpert writes, “7 ANC commissioners met last night with Victor Hoskins, DC’s Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development to discuss “Hill East,” also known as Reservation 13. After a long process with thorough public participation, DC created a plan to build a “vibrant, mixed-use urban waterfront community” on 50 acres of the site.”

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If this is true, then the Washington Redskins franchise has wasted a lot of money building a practice bubble.


This should have Loudoun County asking some questions on Dan Snyder’s motives. I talked to their Chamber of Commerce’s CEO a few weeks ago (story can be found here) and according to him, he saw no inclination of a Redskins move.  If there is a bid on the table, the county has a right to be in on those talks. It’s only fair.

Dan Snyder should remember the  the Baltimore Colts’ move , a decision still considered one of the dirtiest business moves in NFL History. I don’t think it rivals that, but you can’t rule nothing out when it comes to the Redskins storyline.

Note: I’ve contacted the offices of  Brian Flahaven and D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray for statements. I am currently waiting for a reply.



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