Indianapolis Colts, Ryan Grigson in a Standstill Waiting on Peyton Manning Deal

By Christopher B. Batchelder

The biggest question in Indianapolis has been the status of Peyton Manning, will he stay or will he go?

The Peyton Manning decision has not only affected the quarterback and all the fans, but the front office and more specifically the GM Ryan Grigson. For the Indianapolis Colts to move on from this past season, and for them to be able to sign free agents they need to know what is going on with Manning.

At the end of every season the front office and coaching staff goes through each position one at a time. They make decisions either to keep or let certain players go. After they do that, they discuss what type of players they want on this team and check out what is available on the free agent market. When that is done they turn their attention to the NFL Draft in April.

With only two wins this past season the Indianapolis Colts have a lot of holes to fill, which they will do via free agency and the draft. For that to happen the Colts must figure out what they are going to do with their veteran, beat up, experienced quarterback, Peyton Manning.

General manager Ryan Grigson said the Indianapolis Colts are in a holding pattern with their pursuit of free agents because of the situation involving Peyton Manning. Grigson said, “That is obviously going to have a major effect on things in how that all plays out. But until that is resolved, we are going to go about business as usual planning position-by-position to see what we can do and looking at the money that we have to do those things and who is available.”

If the Colts let the decision linger into March, after free agency is underway, they will miss out on some players that can and will contribute to their team right away.


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