St. Louis Rams New GM Les Snead Reveals Team-Building Philosophy

By Anthony Blake

After facing a battery of questions, fans and media alike should have a pretty good idea of what type of players new General Manager Les Snead may look at bringing into the organization this offseason. To say that the Rams’ roster is lacking for true playmakers would be a serious understatement. Explosive plays weren’t exactly the team’s forte in 2011 as they scored the fewest points in the entire league by a wide margin.

Points weren’t the only thing the team had difficulties gaining last season as they finished second to last in yards as well as yards per play. Ranking third from the end in time of possession says a great deal about the offensive ineptitude of the club as well, but just how do they go about rectifying these issues?

GM Snead has a plan and he will be targeting a certain style of players to resolve the Rams woes. Of his philosophies on handling personnel in the NFL today, Snead said: “I think in this league though, it’s an explosive league, it’s a league that has space, so I think you have to find guys in a short area that are very, very explosive in that short area.”

Speed, agility, and the ability to make guys miss are all key attributes that the Rams’ roster lacked in 2011. Perhaps it is the need for desire that Snead seeks that defines his philosophy most of all as he said: “I do think this is a league where you need to have urgency, you need to have passion and instincts from an intangible standpoint. I think you need to be competitive. I think you need to want to be a part of something bigger, you want to be a teammate.”

The drive to be a team-first GM is the mantra that has led to success on a regular basis in the NFL over the better part of the past two decades. Building a roster loaded with top flight talent is worthless if those individuals refuse to play together. Snead seems to bring those ideals to his architecture of the Rams roster and that should really excite fans anxious to see a winning team back in St. Louis.

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