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Next season, the NFL will have a major change on the field for the first time in years, although it may seem pretty minor from afar.

Starting with the new league year in March, all NFL uniforms will be designed and produced by Nike after a long-standing contract with Reebok expired.

The results will be most felt by the players, in their sleeker, lighter, more ergonomically designed jerseys. But it also means that there could be some alterations in a few teams’ looks. We’ll find out soon enough.

Artist Wes Kull decided to go one step further, and he’s started a project where he’s reimagining the team logos for all 32 teams in the league, in his own unique style.

Check out the site over at, where Kull has created 32 logos, one for each team, in what he calls a work-in-progress of alternative designs of each NFL team logo.

From the site’s About page:

Gridiron League is a collection of idealized NFL insignias that pay tribute to each team’s history and geography in a period-specific aesthetic that glorifies the Vince Lombardi-era over the Cold-Activated-era. This is not an exercise in nostalgia but an interpretation of the league’s founding principles through the symbols that we, as football fans, identify with most.

Some of the logos are really creative. The New York Jets logo he designed is pretty slick, but there are really a ton of sleek-looking, aesthetically-pleasing logos that are all worth a look.

Check out the site and I’m sure you’ll find your own favorites as well. I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing quite a handful of these logos out there over some of the current ones the NFL actually uses.


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