Cam Newton disappointed in Pro Bowl performance

By Dave Daniels


Even though the Pro Bowl is little more than an offensive display, where defense and intensity are both at a very rare premium, Cam Newton was disappointed in his performance.

Newton played the whole second half, and completed only 9 out of 27 passes for 2 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. The end result was a 59-41 AFC victory Newton did say that sometimes it was difficult to see if the defense was actually giving their all on every play. “That’s my job to find and still perform at a high level. I think I failed myself, and to some degree the fans. I didn’t put on my best performance,” Newton said. “But I was still trying to get into a groove or rhythm of the game. But at the end of the day, it’s still football. And if you’re not out there giving it your all, it will show.”

The AFC defense pretty much took the first half off, but did not let Newton get off that easy. Newton was sacked a few times and rushed out of the pocket many others. Overall, he was outplayed in the second half by Andy Dalton, who completed 7 of 9 passes for 2 touchdowns.

“You live and you learn. I’m not going to point any fingers or take any shots at anybody because at the end of the day football is still a physical sport,” Newton said. “So what was done to me was done to me, and I take it all with a love of the game. Hopefully, I get back there and have a better performance.”

When asked what he needs to improve on next year Newton replied, “with me going back and watching the film of last year, the only that keeps coming out still to this day is protecting the football. What was it, 17 interceptions that I threw? Those have to be cut down and minimized for us to have success as an overall team.”

It was a similar story at the Pro Bowl, where Newton managed to throw more interceptions than touchdowns. It will definitely be an area of concern for the Carolina Panthers at training camp.

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