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Indianapolis Colts’ Peyton Manning Offered a Spot in the MNF Booth

The Indianapolis Colts Peyton Manning saga continues with yet another twist. ESPN has offered Peyton a spot in the Monday Night Football booth as replacement for Jaworksi.

A New York Daily News columnist suggests ESPN could hire Peyton Monday as the third member of the Monday Night Football booth: “Yet if a certain thing happens, the third chair, once occupied by (Ron) Jaworski, might not be cold for long. For if Peyton Manning decides to call it quits, not return to football for the 2012 season, ESPN has positioned itself perfectly to lure the Indy legend to Bristol. If Manning wants to do TV next season, ESPN is our odds-on favorite to get him. Teams clear cap space. ESPN has cleared booth space.”

This latest news is just another turn in the never-ending Peyton Manning drama. This is another reason why Jim Irsay and Peyton need to come to an agreement, so the little stories like this can end.

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