Ron Edwards ready to make impact in 2012

By Dave Daniels

Ron Edwards is itching to get back on the field next year. After playing 80 games in 5 straight seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs, Edwards missed all of last year with a torn tri-cep. He was still able to get to know most of the Panthers team, and mentor some of the younger defensive tackles although he was not able to play. His durability with the Chiefs is a good sign he play more games next year after a full recovery.

He will probably be a starter, and if the Panthers add another defensive lineman in the draft, his role as starter and mentor cannot be overlooked, because it is on the defensive side of the ball that the Panthers need to greatly improve in this year.

Edwards handled his limited role last year as a true professional. “He was out there at practice every day and every meeting too, and he didn’t have to do that,” Panthers defensive tackle Sione Fua said. “Pregame, he’d get hyped up with the rest of us, jumping around and dancing around. Then during the game he’d watch every play, and if he saw something, he would come by and tell us what we could do better or to congratulate us for a great play. He showed us how to be a pro defensive tackle.”

He was disappointed that he could not play, but adjusted well to his role, and his role next year should increase along with his playing time. Edwards is also not setting his sights very low either. “We’re going to have a full offseason, and it’s going to be exciting to see what we can do,” Edwards said. “I only have a few bullets left, so I’m going to be firing from all the chambers.”We’ve got to get it done next year – all the way to the top.” Ron Rivera hopes so as well.


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