Upcoming Rant Sports Mock NFL Draft collaborative article!

By Dave Daniels


In the following weeks, Rant Sport’s team writers will contribute to a massive slide-show Mock NFL draft. Each writer will submit their pick in order to our head editor, and it will be a wonderful compilation of all the writing talent at Rant.

The writer assigned to each team writes a roughly 400 word explanation of their pick, and it is put onto a massive Rant Sports slide show. It is an exciting way for all of our writers to collaborate while sharing their work with you.

Each writer makes a pick within about 12 hours of each other, and then the piece is submitted all on the same day. It is a massive, exciting project, and a project  all Rant writers look forward to each year.

This writer won’t reveal his pick until the time comes. (Mostly because I won’t know my pick, until I see who is left on the board!) But don’t miss your Carolina Panthers pick coming soon, and all the writers at Rant look forward to sharing our work with you in the future.

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