Could Brandon Marshall Be Traded To The St. Louis Rams?

By Anthony Blake

Many trade propositions have been mentioned as possibilities for the St. Louis Rams when it comes to dealing the second overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, but the latest rumor is very intriguing.

Less than two years ago when the Denver Broncos were interested in dealing star wideout Brandon Marshall, the Rams were at the forefront of those trade talks. That year the team held the number one pick in the draft and rumors were mainly focused on the team’s second round selection.

This time around with Marshall now playing for the Miami Dolphins, the talks focus on the second overall pick and the Dolphins dire need for a franchise quarterback. That player would likely be Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III presuming the Indianapolis Colts select Andrew Luck first overall. With talk that the Rams could consider an unproven player like Justin Blackmon with the number two pick, it would make more sense for the team to land a proven commodity like Marshall at that spot if possible.

The beleaguered receiver is still just 27 years of age and in the prime of his career. If murmurs of Brandon Lloyd looking to sign with the New England Patriots are valid, the franchise tag would be the club’s only chance to retain his services next season.

A deal of this magnitude would likely include more than just Marshall in return for the second overall pick as the Denver Broncos netted just a pair of second round picks for Marshall the first time around. With the number two valued at 2,600 points on the infamous NFL Draft Trade Value Chart, the Dolphins 8th overall selection is worth 1,400. In round two, the Rams have pick 33 while Miami picks 42nd worth 580 and 480 points respectively. Swapping first and second round picks would in essence value Marshall at 1,300 points or the equivalent to the 10th overall pick in the draft.

Although it may seem far-fetched at the moment, rumors have a tendency to snowball so stay alert to any new news regarding this developing idea.

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