Indianapolis Colts With the Go Ahead to Sign Andrew Luck as Early as Friday

By Christopher B. Batchelder

If you have been listening to the NFL draft media you have heard the rumor about the Indianapolis Colts possibly drafting Robert Griffin III. That can now be put to rest with the Indianapolis Colts being permitted to sign Andrew Luck this Friday.

With the combine just a day away, the Indianapolis Colts may sign Luck to a deal, if they are still planning to select him. Honestly, is it even a question that the Colts won’t draft Luck? The standout from Stanford is leaps and bounds ahead of any other player in the NFL draft, including the most recent Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III.

The Indianapolis Colts will need to get Luck locked down with a contract so there are no issues leading into the season. That would be the last thing they need considering what is going on with Peyton Manning.

Now that they have the okay to sign Luck they will start negotiations very soon. They will now be able to focus on their second round draft pick, which needs to be a lineman to protect their future investment at quarterback.


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