Head Coach Mike Munchak Addresses Media at NFL Scouting Combine

By Stephanie Umek

Both Head Coach Mike Munchak and General Manager Ruston Webster were available yesterday afternoon to speak to the media regarding their status on the NFL scouting combine. They answered questions from current player roles and future players.

The biggest thing that stuck out in my mind when Munchak was asked about losing Cortland Finnegan in free agency is that Munchak feels as though the Titans have good enough secondary players to hold on to the rush game.

“Yeah, I think we feel comfortable with the young guys. You’re never going to know how those guys are going to develop, unfortunately, until they get this kind of opportunity if we don’t get Cortland signed. Obviously we’ll have other ways to look in the draft. But we feel comfortable with those guys, especially the way Hawkins came in and played last year as an undrafted free agent. He came in during the New Orleans game and the games at the end of the regular season and played well as a corner and when he came in at nickel. That was very encouraging. But yeah, if we lose a guy, someone like Cortland Finnegan, that’s a tough loss for any team, but we do have some young guys that can step up and obviously we can always take a look in free agency and the draft if we’re not comfortable.”

When referring back to the run game from 2011 Munchak believes that teams always think that it was worse than it really was.

“I know everyone wants to talk about our run game because we’re so used to being in the top 10 every year. I think when you watch it you realize a lot of things weren’t as bad as we thought. Some things were done very well, but there could have been a penalty on a play, there could have been the one missed read when the hole was there, the blocking was great.”

The defense is something that has been redundantly asked about this off season and reporters weren’t going to let it go during the combine. Munchak made the statement that the only guy that is really playing a lot and up to speed is Derrick Morgan. Dave Ball and William Hayes both have contracts that are up. Defense is something that will be looked at.

In saying so, the Titans fully believe in the fact that despite many good linebacker opportunities that are coming in this years’ draft that Colin McCarthy will be able to handle everything in Tennessee.

“He found a way to knock the ball loose, create some fumbles, some interceptions, took control and didn’t act like a rookie out there. He has some learning to do – he’s a young man – but we’re excited about his progression, the way he finished the season and the energy he brings to the defense. So everything is a plus with him. He is the kind of player you love to have on your football team. We’re excited about what he’s going to be able to do in the future.”

Thanks to Titans Online for the quotes

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