Let the Speculation Start: Philadelphia Eagles Met with Baylor QB Robert Griffin III

By Bryn Swartz

The Philadelphia Eagles met with Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin on Thursday night, according to a report on Philly.com.

Griffin is expected to be the second quarterback drafted this year, behind Stanford’s Andrew Luck, and could go as high as the number two overall pick.

So why would the Eagles, who don’t pick until 15th, look at RG3?

I don’t think it means anything. Not at all.

It’s just a precautionary in case the Baylor quarterback happens to fall much farther than possible, such as when Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn slipped to the 23rd pick in the 2007 draft, or when USC quarterback Matt Leinart dropped to number 10 in the 2006 draft.

The Eagles will be starting Michael Vick as their quarterback in 2012. That’s a fact.

As Jeff McLane and Jonathan Tamari pointed out on Birds’ Eye View, the Eagles are not going to draft a quarterback in the first round who would have to sit for a year behind Vick. They need a first round draft pick who can contribute right away, and if the Eagles don’t go far in the playoffs this season, meaning Andy Reid is fired, and Michael Vick is (possibly) cut, the new head coach will want to pick his own quarterback to be the face of the franchise. He won’t want RGIII after a year on the bench.

So the Eagles meeting with Griffin really doesn’t mean anything. After all, everybody is meeting with Griffin.

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