Robert Griffin III Makes St. Louis Rams Very Happy At The Combine

By Anthony Blake

Ah, the drama of the NFL Scouting Combine.

Scouts waited with bated breath as Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin was officially weighed and measured on Thursday. The verdict was positive for the St. Louis Rams who are banking on a suitor to pony up a bounty of draft choices to move into their second overall slot to take RG3.

Griffin III weighed in at 223lbs. but the most important part of his physical intangibles was the fact that he exceeded the supposed 6’1” barrier put on NFL quarterbacks. The former Baylor star far outdid that height coming in at 6-foot-2 and three-eighths of an inch which will erase any doubts that scouts may have had about his ability to translate at the next level.

Currently there are only two starting quarterbacks in the NFL at less than 6’2” in both New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees (6’1”) and Philadelphia Eagles Michael Vick (6’0”). Although these two names are quite successful at the position, clearly being under the 6’2” threshold is the exception rather than the rule.

What all of this means for St. Louis is that they can now ask for quite a haul from any team desperate enough to trade up in hopes of acquiring RG3’s services. The Cleveland Browns have been the main team rumored to have serious interest in Griffin III and since they possess two first round picks in the coming draft, the Rams should be anxious to speak with them.

The Combine may seem like nothing more than a glorified beauty pageant, but many millions of dollars will be on the line when these draftees hear their names called in April. There’s no doubt team will do their utmost to make sure those investments are sound and with this news on RG3, any potential roadblocks have been pushed aside.

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