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NFL Combine going on but Titans still have unfinished business at home

Late last week the Tennessee Titans met with Terry Watson, agent for cornerback Cortland Finnegan, in hopes to come to an agreement on his contract to avoid free agency this coming March.

The Titans are not expected to use the $10.6 million franchise tag however are working towards getting him to sign a $28 million deal over four years, of which Finnegan declined last season.

He is looking for something more around the area of a five-year, $48.75 million deal like Johnathan Joseph of the Houston Texans. If the Titans somehow were able to grant this deal, which guarantees around $23 million, Finnegan would be the highest paid cornerback in the NFL.

Rightfully so, Finnegan finished fourth in the team last year with 95 tackles, he also had one sack and one interception. He has played in every single game over the last two years and has played in 79 games over six years.

Could this be another case of a greedy player? Finnegan is no doubt one of the best, and Tennessee knows what they are going to lose if something does not get resolved soon, but is he asking for too much?

According to the Tennessean, Nnamdi Asomugha ($12 million) of the Eagles, Darrelle Revis ($11.5) of the Jets and Champ Bailey ($10.75) of the Broncos are the three highest-paid cornerbacks in the NFL, followed by Green Bay’s Charles Woodson ($10 million) and three other players making $9.75 million per year, including Joseph, a Pro Bowler last season.

There are many teams in the NFL that may be willing to drop the money that Finnegan is looking for, and that may be his mind set when seeing the figures on the paper.