Robert Griffin III Clocked At 4.38 In 40-yard dash

By Eric Haftel

Robert Griffin III was clocked at 4.38 in 40-yard dash. That was the fastest of all qb’s running.

It’s not shocking though because, we know he’s a good runner but didn’t realize he was this fast.

Griffin ran the sprint twice Sunday and had a two-run average of 4.38 seconds. Andrew Luck, the Heisman runner-up and expected No. 1 pick, later ran twice as well, and got clocked at 4.66 and 4.59.

In comparison Carolina’s Cam Newton, last years No. 1 overall, ran a 4.59, same as Luck. Also, Denver’s Tim Tebow ran it in 4.72 seconds in 2009. That helps both Luck and Griffin but potentially Luck more.

It is reported that Michael Vick ran a 4.33 but that hasn’t been confirmed.

The fastest time on Sunday was a 4.30, ran by Georgia Tech receiver Stephen Hill.

Miami’s Travis Benjamin (4.32), North Carolina State’s T.J. Graham (4.35) and Wake Forest’s Chris Givens (4.37) all ran faster times than Griffin, but all three are wide receivers.

Do you think Griffin could turn into a qb like Vick, Tebow or Newton or, could you see him using his arm much more often then them?

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