Dallas Cowboys Make Smart Move to Offer Tender to Tony Fiammetta

By Jeric Griffin

The Dallas Cowboys reportedly will offer a $1.26 million tender to restricted free agent fullback Tony Fiammetta. This gives the Cowboys the right of first refusal for Fiammetta this off-season, which means Dallas can match any offer the fullback receives from other NFL teams. If Fiammetta gets another offer and the Cowboys don’t match it, Dallas receives a fourth-round pick in return for the 25-year-old rising star. The Cowboys won’t offer tenders to any other restricted free agents this off-season, but Dallas offered one to the one who matters most.

Fiammetta’s is invaluable to the Cowboys’ offense; last season the team was almost twice as productive in games that Fiammetta played than ones when he didn’t. That’s not only in the running game; the Cowboys’ passing attack was also more effective with Fiammetta in the lineup due to the balance he provides to Dallas’ offense.

If the Cowboys get Fiammetta for the $1.26 million, then great; that’s one heck of a bargain. However, if another team offers Fiammetta more, Jerry Jones better bust out his extra-large checkbook faster than that other team can say “calf rope”.

As for the Cowboys’ other restricted free agents, one is for sure gone while the other depends on other free agents. Quarterback Chris Greisen won’t be re-signed; he’ll never contend for the Cowboys’ starting job. Receiver Kevin Ogletree will likely be offered a free agent deal, but not a tender. Even that depends heavily on whether Dallas re-signs star receiver Laurent Robinson. Regardless, the Cowboys took the first step in securing the most important player on Dallas’ offense, fullback Tony Fiammetta.

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