Dallas Cowboys Should be Active in Free Agency

By Jeric Griffin

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Monday his team will be active in free agency this off-season. Cowboys fans everywhere better hope he’s not just blowing smoke again. Jones says this every year, but it never happens. The Cowboys’ biggest free agent splash in the last 15 years was signing Leonard Davis to a $49 million deal in 2007. Dallas fans everywhere better hope and pray Jones actually follows through with his confident boast this time.

“The way I read it all right now is that we’re going to be active in free agency,” Jones said.

Here’s to hoping Jerry Jones doesn’t put down that book he’s “reading” because it’s exactly what the Cowboys need. Jones recently said he’s working this off-season with the mentality that the Cowboys need to win now. Truer words were never spoken, and that’s a big deal when talking about Jerry Jones.

Cowboys fans took a knee to the gut last off-season when Jones made it appear he had signed marquee free agent cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha just to see him fly to Philadelphia at literally the last second. Jones has already made lots of promises this off-season about improving the Cowboys’ secondary, an area in which the team absolutely must improve to have any hopes of contending in the next two years, the final two of quarterback Tony Romo’s career.

If Jones fails to sign a marquee free agent this off-season, the Cowboys will lose any potential of contending for another decade, something that could genuinely damage the fan base of America’s Team. There are a ton of quality free agent cornerbacks available and he can’t afford to drop the ball this time around.

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