RG3 Runs A 4.41 40 Yard Dash And Has A 38” Vertical: Should The Browns Give This Man The Keys To Cleveland?

By Jason A. Thomas

With the amazing stats that Robert Griffin the Third just put up at the NFL combine, he might be the most athletic quarterback NFL scouts have seen since Michael Vick. His best 40 yard dash time? 4.38 seconds. That’s BLAZING fast. The crazy part is that the guy really is more of a pocket passer,  that uses his feet to avoid pressure and then drop deep balls into the hands of his receivers. He made his teammates better by elevating his own play. Think of it this way: these are the same receivers that Baylor has always had as they’ve shuffled through the Big Twelve year after year. RGIII made everyone around him better by making the game easier for the position that needs it the most: Wide Receivers. Watch some of his highlights and notice the position of the ball downfield as it drops perfectly into outstretched arms of his teammates. It’s almost picture perfect at times, and usually paired with RG3 getting drilled outside of the pocket as he scrambles to make a play for his team.

HELLO BROWNS FANS. He makes up for the inadequacies of his teammates by making the game easier with his uplifting play. He makes RECEIVERS better. He gives OFFENSIVE LINEMAN more time with his key movements and athletic ability. Considering how impressive he was in this combine, the price to move up in the draft may have just shot up tremendously. Have you heard him talk in his interviews recently? He’s intelligent, understands the question being asked and answers it quickly and confidently. This guy could have the ability to make the Browns better immediately, even if it costs us a few draft picks that more than likely would have gone to the exact positions that he makes better. Is it worth it? We’ll have to see after his Pro Day. Until then, we can all be hopeful that we finally have an offseason that plays out in our favor.

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