The Price of Victory for the New York Giants

By garymarchese

The New York Giants won the Super Bowl last month.  The price though is that everyone wants to get paid now and the Giants just cant keep them all.  Mario Manningham is a free agent and it looks like he will be headed to a new team.  Osi Umenyiora is under contract but has had squabbles with the team over the last two years.  The Giants are talking now less tough though and it looks like they will make a new deal with him.  The Giants also appear ready to keep Brandon Jacobs around.  I think Jacobs is the biggest surprise for me.  I thought for sure he would be gone, and it is still possible but it looks like they both want to remain together.

The question is what do you think is the right move or moves for the Giants??  Should they be keeping Manningham around??  Should the Giants keep Jacobs or let him go and try to resign Manningham?  I personally think Manningham would be the guy I would of kept and let Jacobs go.  Jacobs to me has declined and he just is one of those guys that seems like he just can’t get it started running wise.  He is also a guy who will frustrate you.  Jacobs is so big yet he has so much trouble in short  yardage situations.  Is it possible that he resigns and goes back to the way he was.  I would say anything is possible but I don’t know how likely that is.  Is it possible that he will tone down his act and just go out and play football.  That is possible considering the team has won two super bowls over the last four  years.  It is possible he has realized that whatever they are doing is working and to just keep his mouth shut and go out and play.

The Giants feel like they did last year that Jernel Jernigan can replace Mario Manningham.  It is hard to argue with GM Jerry Reese success.  I think most people thought he was nuts last offseason and look how that turned out.  The Eagles most notably made all the moves and looked like the team to beat.  They finished 8-8 missing the playoffs.  The Giants were criticized like crazy for doing nothing but the moves they did or didn’t make turned out to be right.  The guys they did have like Victor Cruz worked out and Reese and staff looked very good in the process.  Will this luck continue for the Giants or is it that they are that good at evaluating and anticipating.  We will have to wait and see but I would expect Manningham to leave for greener pastures.

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