Washington Redskins: Is Robert Griffin III in the Best Interest of the Franchise?

Yes, without question, he is. Robert Griffin III, crossed every “T” and dotted every “i” during workouts at the NFL Combine on Sunday. Leaving many organizations and scouts completely sold on his capability of becoming a franchise Quarterback. Griffin was a top performer of the QB’s posting a 4.41 in the 40-yard dash and a 39 in. vertical jump. A few QB’s jumped further in the broad jump, however, his 10 inch jump was impressive.

RG3 envisioned the combine as a business trip. He expected to run a good 40, and rightfully so, he’s a former track star. Griffin was excited to meet with teams and get on the white board to prove his system at Baylor was more extensive than some thought. Griffin proved to be a man of his word.

According to Mike Mayock of the NFL Network, teams raved about how well RG3 handled himself, his overall football IQ, charisma, and leadership.

The Vikings, Browns, Redskins, Dolphins, Bills, Chiefs, and Eagles are all teams that met with Griffin this weekend. Seattle is a QB needy team, but chose not to interview him. Those are 7 of the top 15 picks in the upcoming NFL Draft. The 2nd overall pick is open for business, as the St. Louis Rams are prepared to deal that pick away.

According to reports, Washington is fully prepared to trade with the Rams to draft Robert Griffin III. Including Philadelphia sports reporter, Howard Eskin who tweeted this on Sunday:

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Now some Redskins fans may think that price is too steep, but Washington must be aggressive in solidifying the Quarterback position. The search for a franchise QB has been ongoing for far too long, and mediocrity will forever follow this team until they find one. Franchise Quarterbacks don’t grow on trees. You can’t purchase them at will. When the chance arrives for you to get one, and if the team feels that player is in the best interest of the franchise, no price is too steep.

This team has been at the bottom of the barrel for far too long, and it is time to bring burgundy and gold back to relevance.

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  • mgginva

    If you don’t count last year’s draft here are the players we have from 10 years of drafts;
    Cooley 3rd round, McIntosh 2nd round, Doughty 6th round, Golston 6th round, Landry 1st round,Davis 2nd round, Orakpo 1st round, Barnes 3rd round, Williams 1st round, Riley 4th round, Austin 7th round, Cook 7th round.

    Current price guesstimate for RG# = 2012 #’s1,2,3 and 2013 #1 – this price will go up.

    So let’s look at who will be on skins in 2013 of above; Cooley?, Doughty?, Landry?, Davis? ,Orakpo, Barnes?, Williams, Riley, Austin?, Cook?

    Let’s subtract RG3 cost 2 #1′s Williams and Orakpo/ a #2 Davis/ a 3rd Cooley who may not come back so we really can’t even do this fairly.

    That leaves how many starters left for 2013 = maybe Doughty a 6th rounder, Maybe Landry a 1st rounder, Barnes – doubtful, Riley a 4th rounder,

    So all we have from 10 years of giving away draft picks is;
    an injured safety (Landry) who may not stay
    his back up (Doughty) a 6th rounder who also may not stay
    And Riley a 4th rounder at ILB that is good

    That’s why the skins suck – they do not build through the draft = and even though the above 4 picks that represent the cost of RG3 will most likely be here and play – we won’t get anymore talented replacements or additions in ’12 and part of ’13

    They represent what we are giving away. As we have the guys who now can draft – this seems a fair representation.

    We have failed by not using the draft to build and with the exception of 2011 which we have to wait on to see who is going to stick, we are right back to giving away our best tool for building.
    Is RG3 worth it?
    No, hell no.less

    • http://nflmocks.com/author/bradlinsky/ Bradlinsky

      You can’t make that argument and discount 2011draft!

      • mgginva

        Of course I can – and I did. As we don’t know what will be the future of these picks they just have to be left out of the discussion. Besides that – what difference does it make? If you argue that it (they) shouldn’t be left out then you help support the argument that it was a great draft and therefore we now have people who know how to draft. Well, if so, why take that away from them (us) and crippling their (our) our newfound abilities.
        Putting in the 2011 draft doesn’t hurt my argument at all. It helps prove it as my point is that we need to use the draft, not FA.
        The reason I left it out was because there are so many question marks due to injury. If history is any indication it’s rare for any pick below 4th to stick – that means half the potential starters are unproven. I didn’t leave the 2011 draft out because it effects my argument in a negative way.
        The real point is the skins sucked at everything including drafting in the past. One of the main reasons is they traded away too many picks. If we are to believe we can now do better – good – great – let’s do it. Let’s finally build a team through the draft, not give away our 2012 draft to get 1 guy.

        • Skeenz

          Fans like you are so used to staying at the bottom that you’re afraid to take a chance on a great QB prospect. No we do not need to draft more o-line in the first round and other “needed” positional players. We can get good ones via free agency. Also, our o-line is a lot better than what Grossman or Beck made them out to be.

          RG3 = Hail to the Redskins!

  • http://nflmocks.com/author/bradlinsky/ Bradlinsky

    Emanuel, I agree completely!

  • Keith Colbert

    You have got to be crazy if u dont think Rg3 isnt worth a 1st 2nd 3rd and a 1st next year.I mean cmon Rex Grossman made J.Gaff look good.then we keeping talking abouthow bad our o-lne is but i know 70year old men who think and run faster than Grossman,U ever stop to think maybe he’s the reason the o-line looks.Think about how any times watching the skins last year usaw a hole for Rex to run threw,Now imagine that being RG3

  • JT

    So all those names you have listed have won us how many games???

    At some point you have to make a move like this to get a QB… So is your solution to draft normal again… no trading up at least get some quality guys and hope we suck enough again this year to get Barkley next year?? Then will you be the guy next year saying its ok to give up the farm for Barkley? Just wandering what your solution is for QB?? I’m sure a lot of Giants fans said the same thing when they gave away so much for Eli but you don’t hear much out of them now!!

    Clearly I’m all in for Griffin! Skins2WinAgain!! HTTR…

    • mgginva

      Heath Schuler #3, Jack Thompson #3, David Carr #1, David Klingler #1, Akili Smith #3, Rick Mirer #2, Tim Couch #1, Ryan Leaf #2, JaMarcus Russell #1, etc etc. All busts. And this list is incomplete.
      I don’t want to pass on RG3 – except he’s just is too expensive for a team as crappy as ours.You won’t catch me supporting trading multiple picks for anyone. In our case trading down is a smarter idea.
      I want to win. I want to build a team the right way and have a great team again. I was at the games when we were winning Superbowls. And no – I would not support paying what RG3 would cost to get Barkley. But if things stand as they are now we could trade down and get Tannehill or Weeden and a great right tackle and guard. Sign Kory L. and let him and Montgomery rotate at center. I’m the guy who will always be pushing to have a great O line – which was the heart and soul of the only winning teams we ever had and our un official mascots (hogettes).
      Our O line just blows and I don’t want to see RG3 get his butt handed to him by the 875 hits our QB’s get because we can’t protect them.
      I have nothing against RG3 and I understand why so many people want to trade up for him. I just think it’s a gamble that isn’t a smart one. If he doesn’t work out Shanny says it’ll set us back 3 or 4 more years. Good lord!!!!! Do you want to watch us loose and be bad for another 4 years?
      Get Manning – get Orton – get Flynn if he’s not franchised – hell, there’s guys out there. If we pick up a FA QB that’s 2 #1′s a #2 and a#3 to use for talent. And the scuttlebutt is RG3′s price is going up. AAAArrrggghhh.

  • Mike

    How many players were on New England the first time they lost to the Giants in the super bowl this year? 4! One of them was Brady. If you have a franchise QB you always have a chance. By the way, what did the Giants give up to move up to het Manning? Two 1st a 3rd and 4th. How did that work out? We NEED RG3 if we are ever going to be good again.

  • mark johnston

    I belive we need a QB bad! I think the line looks like it does trying to protect guys who do mot do anything you ut stand back and apparently try to toss the ball. RG3 is a good option but feel we also need a heathly running game as well as some down the field threat. May free agency can help.

    All guessing we will see where the free agency lands us and other teams. Also saw that the RAMS are looking for a deal like the cjargers got when trading manning.

  • Ryan

    Our team isn’t THAT bad. Our line won’t be as bad for a QB who can get the ball out quickly, and who can evade pressure. This is RGIII we’re talking about. I don’t care what you gotta spend to get him, get him. Four potential, notable free agent WRs this year: Mike Wallace, Vincent Jackson, Marques Colston, Mario Manningham. If we could pick up one of them and grab RGIII we have a legitimate chance at making the playoffs. Not to mention Hankerson will be off the IR, he needs playing time. I’m happy with our running game for the time being and our TEs are solid.

  • JT

    We both agree that we want to win again thats good! HTTR

    People always point out the draft bust but what about guys drafted in the top 10 who didn’t bust like…. Stafford, M. Ryan, Eli, Rivers, Roethlisberger, Vick, P.Manning… List also incomplete..

    Trade back and take a development guy (tannenhill?) Here’s some names of guys we have attempted to develop and find our late round Brady or Brees. Colt Brennan, Jordan Palmer, Jason Campbell, Gilbran Hamdan, Sage Rosenfels…

    I like the first list of names over the second list of names. The hard part of these discussions is that taking either approach has the potential to be wrong! I guess I really like where shanny has us heading he is building things the right way and I don’t believe he and Allen would make this decision with out a complete plan in place. I also feel that with the new CBA in place giving away those picks make more sense (financially) for the team than signing a high priced FA (Manning,Flynn,Ortan)..Save that money for WR,CB,& OL… We could sign a Wr & Cb for the price of just 1 of those guys!!

    Either way it ends up going I pray one of us gets it right and we rise back to the top where we belong!


    • Ryan

      Manning made what 23 million last year? He need’s to take that and retire. Flynn, he’s unproven. He had one good game, I’m not sold. Pierre Garcon is another potential WR we could pick up.We do need another CB and it seem’s like we’re going to need somebody to pick up Landry’s spot, so add a safety to that.

      I’d rather draft RGIII and it end up a bad decision, than to let somebody else draft him and he turn out to be a franchise QB.