2012 NFL Mock Draft: Vikings 1st Round Scenarios, If Rams Trade No. 2 Pick

By Andrew Fisher

It’s been no secret for weeks now, that the Rams have the power in this year’s NFL Draft. The latest word is that the Rams will trade the No. 2 pick, and with it, all hell will break loose. Obviously, every team behind them, will be impacted if the pick is indeed traded. Let’s take a look at what it means for the team right behind them, the Vikings:

On one hand, this could have zero impact on the Vikings. More than likely a team that trades up to the No. 2 spot, is trying to get Robert Griffin III. If that does in fact happen, this almost guarantees the Vikings will take Justin Blackmon. Blackmon is by far the most popular choice with Vikings fans, as he should be. Blackmon is the best wide receiver available, and makes for a safe pick at No. 3 for Minnesota.

On the other hand, if the Vikings are interested in RG3, this makes things very difficult. The question would then become, what would they give up, to still have a chance to get RG3? The Rams are rumored to be asking a lot in return for the No. 2 spot, and in my opinion, anything is too much at this point. The Vikings don’t need RG3. They already have a quality young quarterback, so RG3 is just a want for them, not a need. In the past, I’ve only suggested that the Vikings need to consider RG3, if he was available. Any additional effort to get him, is too much effort.

The other option Minnesota must consider, is if they want to trade the No. 3 pick. If someone else makes them an offer that would get them more draft picks, and an opportunity to still get a top tier wide receiver, they’d have to consider it. Blackmon is the best receiver available, an almost sure thing, but would Michael Floyd, Stephen Hill, or Kendall Wright be that big of a downgrade?

The Vikes may not have as much power in the draft as the Rams, but they’re not far behind. With RG3 seemingly off the table, it becomes Blackmon, or a trade that could land multiple players and/or picks. Which solution is the best for the franchise long-term, is certainly a tough call at this point…

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